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The R1215-S series of microwave thin film resistors is designed to be used in microwave hybrid circuits for biasing of active components. These devices can be used over the full military temperature range -55°C to +125°C. Quality and workmanship is per MIL-S-883. Level B. Devices are 100% tested, visual inspected and packaged in waffle packs. US Microwaves employs proprietary thin film technologies for deposition of a wide range of sheet resistance films from 1W/sq to 10.000W /sq. Resistors from 0.1W to x MW range are available.

R(W) USM Part # R(W) USM Part # R(W) USM Part # R(W) USM Part #
1.0 R1215-S-1P0 10 R1215-S-10P0 100 R1215-S-100P0 1000 R1215-S-1000
1.2 R1215-S-1P2 12 R1215-S-12P0 120 R1215-S-120P0 1200 R1215-S-1200
1.5 R1215-S-1P5 15 R1215-S-15P0 150 R1215-S-150P0 1500 R1215-S-1500
1.8 R1215-S-1P8 18 R1215-S-18P0 180 R1215-S-180P0 1800 R1215-S-1800
2.2 R1215-S-2P2 22 R1215-S-22P0 220 R1215-S-220P0 2200 R1215-S-2200
2.7 R1215-S-2P7 27 R1215-S-27P0 270 R1215-S-270P0 2700 R1215-S-2700
3.3 R1215-S-3P3 33 R1215-S-33P0 330 R1215-S-330P0 3300 R1215-S-3300
3.9 R1215-S-3P9 39 R1215-S-39P0 390 R1215-S-390P0 3900 R1215-S-3900
4.7 R1215-S-4P7 47 R1215-S-47P0 470 R1215-S-470P0 4700 R1215-S-4700
5.0 R1215-S-5P0 50 R1215-S-50P0 500 R1215-S-500P0 5000 R1215-S-5000
5.6 R1215-S-5P6 56 R1215-S-56P0 560 R1215-S-560P0 5600 R1215-S-5600
6.8 R1215-S-6P8 68 R1215-S-68P0 680 R1215-S-680P0 6800 R1215-S-6800
7.5 R1215-S-7P5 75 R1215-S-75P0 750 R1215-S-750P0 7500 R1215-S-7500
8.2 R1215-S-8P2 82 R1215-S-82P0 820 R1215-S-820P0 8200 R1215-S-8200

Material Thickness (mils) Die size (mils) Power rating Tolerances q% Capacitance
SiO2/Silicon 10 ±1 (12±2)x(15±2) 50mW@70°C 1, 5, 10 0.45pF

Resistor Conductor Backside metallization
The resistive material is high stability Tantalum Nitride with low temperature coefficient of resistance, <75ppm/°C typical. For Rsq<10W/sq and Rsq>500W/sq, the resistive material is proprietary. The bonding pads of the resistors are 3m thick, 99.99% electroplated gold with a TiW barrier that withstands 30 min at 400°C in air without loss of adhesion. The backside of the die is metallized with TiW/Au which is compatible with most die attaching methods. Other metallizations are available upon special request.


TOLERANCE q MINIMUM ORDER U/P($) /1K U/P($) /5K U/P($) /10K U/P($) /50K U/P($) /100K DELIVERY ORDER
10% 2 weeks ARO for 5% and 10% tolerance and 3-4 weeks ARO for 1%. Certain items are available from Stock

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