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Thin Film Microwave Circuit On-Line Quotation

This formal online quote can be used for quick pricing for custom microwave thin film circuits. Minimum information that is needed is thickness and size of the ceramic microwave thin film circuit and the number of via if applicable. If e-mail address is provided, visitor receives an instant Quote # needed for viewing and printing complete Quote and placing an order online.
Input Data here
Substrate material Al2O3 / Ceramic
Substrate material AlN / Ceramic
Substrate material BeO  
Substrate material SiO2 / Fused Silica / Quartz
Substrate material Al2O3 / Sapphire  
Substrate material Silicon  
* Substrate thickness (mils) T
* Die size (mils) L
* Die size (mils) W
* No. of laser via V
* Attach drawing [max 1Mb]
Conductor Only
Conductor & Resistor
Conductor, Resistor & Cross Under
Custom Stand Offs
Quantity other than Minimum Order
Standard Quotation
Tooling NRE
Laser Drill NRE
No. of circuits
U/P ($) per circuit
Manufacturing ($)
Total Cost ($)
Delivery (work days)

This quote is valid ONLY for 10, 15, 20 and 25 mil thick 99.6%, Al2O3 thin film grade 3-5µ inches finish ceramic substrates. For other thicknesses, polished ceramic or AlN, BeO or fused silica, quartz, sapphire or silicon substrates, please submit request for quote from RFQ web page.
*These are mandatory fields to be filled. If no laser drilled via, input 0.
Please enter the e-mail address, name of the requestor, company and fax or phone number where you would like to receive US Microwaves quotation with price and delivery information. If ordering on line, please refer to USM Quote# that you received by e-mail.

Technical Requirements:
For custom thin film circuits, the following procedure applies:
  1. Customer supplies AutoCAD files final version with Purchase Order.
  2. US Microwaves generates necessary Tooling.
  3. US Microwaves produces the Thin Film Circuits on 4" round, ceramic boards.
  4. Ceramic is 99.6% Al2O3, Thin Film Grade, as fired, 4-5µ inches finish.
  5. Minimum Order is the yielded number of devices per 4" ceramic board.
  6. Devices are board level E-Tested (R), 100% visual inspected, and shipped in waffle packs with certificate of compliance.

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